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Hey dudes & dudettes,

As you all know, I’ve always been OBSESSED with Jem & the Holograms. When I found out they were casting/auditioning for the new live action movie, I figured I could have my lifelong dream come true!

I don’t think I’d even be playing music today if I never saw Jem and of course, the Misfits being who they are at such an early, impressionable age - thanks to my big sister’s influence!

I made this little video with my friend Bleedingheart entitled “Dear Jem” - which is the second challenge in the #jemthemovie series

If you want to see my involvement in the Jem movie as much as I do, please share this EVERYWHERE with the tag #jemthemovie!

It’s Showtime Synergy!!!



Fuck yes I wanna see Jem the Movie, especially with Priya rockin’ it!

If only Russia were the leftist paradise Fox News judged it to be and annexed Crimea instead of the right wing autocratic hellscape that annexed Crimea that it really is.